14th Anniversary Event: September 11th Revisited

This September 11 come watch on of the definitive documentaries about the lead up to and events of that horrific and fateful day.

The Film:  The Truth and Lies of 9/11   –   (runs 2 hours, 24 minutes)

When: Friday, September 11 at 7 pm

Where: 4200 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis

Dinner:  Due to the length of the film, veggie spaghetti will be served. Feel free to bring a dish.

This gathering is a tribute to Michael Ruppert, who made the film and started showing it right after 9/11. The film is a documentary based on his years of research starting with discovering narcotics trafficking in Los Angeles by the CIA. Ruppert brings diverse events and historical threads together to reveal the intentional nature of 9/11. Although we lost Michael Ruppert last year, his legacy lives on in his films, writings and collaborations with other radical truth seekers. Over the last fourteen years more and more people have begun to question the events of that day and have watched in horror the devastation of Iraq and other countries in the Middle East. Hope you can attend.