Recommended Reading

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  • 9/11 Commission Report Omissions and Distortions
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  • The 9/11 Encyclopedia [Two Volumes], (199.00)
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  • 9/11: The Greatest Crime of All Time, The Best of Global Outlook, Vol II, 2006
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  • End of America Letters of Warning to a Young Patriot; a citizen’s call to action
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    Pg 1
    Enough conspiracy theories, already; a digital book
    Matthew Rothchild, The Progressive Magazine, 2006, 300 pgs
  • Global Outlook # 10, Canada, 2005, 96 pgs (not currently available)
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  • The Shell Game, a novel
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  • The War on Truth; 9/11, Disinformation & the Anatomy of Terrorism
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  • What We Saw - the Events of September 11,2001 in words, pictures & video
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