Two-year study proves our “Free Press” hides the Truth about 9/11

August 27, 2019 - Saint Paul, MN.

Unlike most of the 106 important politicians, academics, journalists and news reporters a Minnesota 9/11 Truth group requested input from, you can be responsive and readily view the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 and question the truth of the official government story many people have never heard about.

A Minnesota-based peace and justice advocacy group called Minnesotans for 9/11 Truth sent a Priority Mail package to one hundred and six (106) important local and national politicians, academics, journalists, news reporters and researchers on August 19, 2017 enclosing a DVD regarding the mysterious collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC7).

Included in the mailing were Ed Asner, Glenn Beck, Jeff Bezos, Al Franken, Amy Goodman, Sean Hannity, Kerri Miller, Eric Eskola, Tom Hauser, Pat Kessler, Arianna Huffington, Rush Limbaugh, Rachel Maddow, Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann, Geraldo Rivera, Jill Stein, Jake Tapper, Oprah Winfrey and Chris Wallace.

The Priority Mail packages were tracked by the U.S. Postal Service and evidence of delivery of 102 of the 106 mailed packages was confirmed.  Each package contained a letter requesting the recipient to view the enclosed DVD and to respond by returning the enclosed postage paid postcard which asked four simple questions and provided space for any comment.

  • Question 1:  Did you watch the DVD?  (Yes/No)
  • Question 2:  Do you have any unanswered questions?  (Yes/No)
  • Question 3:  Do you support a new investigation into 9/11?  (Yes/No)
  • Question 4:  Would you like a copy of the results of this study?  (Yes/No)

After one year of data collection and analysis, the results of the study were summarized in a second letter which was mailed to the 102 individuals who were delivered the Priority Mail package in 2017.  One Thank You letter was received from a researcher for the follow-up data. 

Seventeen years after 9/11, only 13% have acknowledged that a third tower fell that day.  Roughly nine percent of the individuals have received additional contact and ignored it.  Most of these folks are made up of Professors, Politicians and various Media radio and television personalities.  Fifteen of the named individuals have declined to investigate the collapse of WTC7 for a variety of reasons or excuses, none of which demonstrate an open and inquiring mind.

In conclusion, Minnesotans for Truth are concerned citizens who are conducting this evidence-based study to understand why most people we talk with are not aware of the mysterious collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, a 47-story steel skyscraper, into its own footprint in less than seven seconds at 5:20pm on September 11, 2001.  We encourage you to share this data as widely as possible and contact us with any questions or comments regarding this very important matter.

For more information contact:

Minnesotans for 9/11 Truth
P.O. Box 4112
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List of videos from the DVD that was included in the mailing:

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